The Taste Of Schenck

I would like to give a huge shout out to the culinary students, staff and instructors at Schenck Job Corps.

I had the enormous pleasure to experience the Taste of Transylvania at Brevard Lumber Co. All of the entrants were superb, but especially the young students at Schenck, who won best appetizer, with their Savory Lobstertini. According to Mayor Jimmy Harris, it was a landslide victory.

The instructors at Schenck, for all of the trades offered, do an outstanding job to teach their students. This is the fifth time that Schenck Culinary Arts students have entered the Taste of Transylvania, and they have been winners every time!

Scott Wagner, lead culinary instructor, has mentored them every year. He, and the rest of Schenck, deserve recognition and admiration for the difficult job they do, particularly at a time when their funds and resources have been cut so dramatically.

I appeal to local business owners. If a Schenck instructor approaches you to hire one of their graduating students, please consider them.

Well done to Scott, Gregg, Jerome and their students!

Louise Jones



(Published in The Transylvania Times – May 13th 2013)