More Change Coming To Main Street – Brevard NC

Underground Salvage Co./Architectural Antiques

Underground Salvage Co./Architectural Antiques

By Kevin Fuller – Transylvania Times, Jan 14th, 2016

The face of downtown Brevard is changing again as a long-time East Main Street business is headed to the Brevard Lumberyard, and the building it currently sits in is up for sale.

The Underground Salvage Co./Architectural Antiques, located on East Main Street, will soon move to a permanent home at the Brevard Lumberyard.

Owner Tim Hall confirmed the move Tuesday.

“Our business plan is to move our Underground Salvage Co. store to the 1.5-acre site by mid-March of this year,” Hall said in an email. “We have just completed our 25th year on Main Street. It has been a great location through the years, but as our business shifted in recent years from primarily antiques and collectibles to architectural salvage it has become difficult to load and unload during regular business hours.”

Hall said parking downtown was hindering his business.

“Parking has become an issue with the many restaurants that have opened since we started our business downtown in 1990,” he said. “You could count the eating places on one hand back then, and when 5 p.m. closing time happened there were rarely more than three or four cars remaining on the street. Today, it is full well into the evening.”

According to Josh Leder, owner of Brevard Lumberyard, the antique and architectural salvage company started making the move weeks ago, stating Hall had moved larger items into the space.

An announcement posted on the Underground Salvage Co./Architectural Antiques’ Facebook page stated the move was “a brand new salvage experience in Brevard’s up-and-coming Lumber Arts District. For the first time our retail and warehouses (never before open to the public) will be combined on 1.25 acres of buildings, sheds and lumber racks.”

“Tim has really been Mr. Downtown for so long,” Leder said, referring to Hall’s reputation doing business in Brevard. “I’m super thrilled.”

A complete move to the larger space, located at 228 W. French Broad St ., will be made once the East Main building that currently houses the retail store is sold, which Hall estimated would be in March. Hall said an announcement would be made regarding the sale of the building in the future.

Leder also made the announcement that a restaurant would be opening in the lumberyard.

Magpie, a meat-plus-three-style restaurant, will open its doors in April or May, Leder said. The restaurant would give patrons a meat option plus three sides for a main course. Owners of the new restaurant could not be reached for comment.

“The lumberyard district is evolving to become the next hot spot in Brevard, with the bike path slated to travel all the way down Railroad Avenue to Main Street,” Hall said. “In the coming year or so, coupled with the city’s desire to encourage traffic to use this route, it seems a good time to make the move.”

Hall said he tried to purchase Brevard Lumberyard when it was last up for sale.

“We first attempted to purchase the Brevard Lumber Co. property when they closed several years ago,” he said. “We were pleased when Josh Leder purchased it and respected and appreciated the history behind it.”

Hall said the plan for his business is to become a reclaimed lumber store that offers salvaged doors, window, mantels, heart pine and oak beams along with hardware salvaged from historic buildings and houses in Western North Carolina.

He has also formed connections with demolition companies in the Midwest.

“This move will allow us to expand our business and combine the store with the two large warehouses of accumulated reclaimed materials that have not been open to the public through the years,” he said. “We will continue to have much of the same merchandise we have become known for, including our large collection of vinyl records, vintage magazines, jewelry, vintage clothing and quality antique furniture.”