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Artist Explains Mural – Brevard NC

Brian Tull, an awarding-winning artist from Tennessee, with help from his wife, Laura, painted the large mural of a man sitting on the tailgate of a truck on the wall at the Brevard Lumberyard.

“Like all of my paintings, my inspiration starts off with nostalgia,” Tull said. “I wanted to capture the spirit of a hard working, small-town person taking a break and reflecting on his community and the good in it.

“I visited Brevard for the first time early last year. The idea, thankfully, came to me fairly quickly. I think Josh Leder’s decision to preserve the Lumberyard’s name and what it stood and stands for is very wise. I wanted to carry that over to the mural, as well, and make the background, as well as the top hand-painted letters, look a little distressed; prompting the viewer to ask if it’s been there awhile.

“I work from reference photos with all of my paintings. The subject in the mural is actually my brother-in-law, Tony Tanner. I called him one weekend while visiting family in west Tennessee: ‘Meet me at Wayne Elam’s (the owner of the truck in the mural) and wear some old work clothes, hat, and some beat-up boots; I’ll bring the rest.'”

Tull showed up with a brown paper sack, old thermos, apple and a camera. He shot about 200 reference photos and edited them all down to choose the final image. Laura did all the “underpainting” and the filling in of colors on the entire truck portion of the mural. Tull came back through and blended it all together. It took around 29 days to paint the mural.

Every quart of paint came from the local Sherwin Williams in Brevard.

“We still lack sealing the bottom two or three feet of the mural as well as signing it,” Tull said. “God blessed us with some great weather and health the whole time.”

Tull thanked Josh Leder, who owns the Lumberyard, and Chris Flowy, who runs the Haen Gallery, for the chance to do the mural.

“They’re really doing something great in the Lumberyard,” he said.

Tull also spotlighted the artists and those providing other creative outlets in the area, such as Courtney Carter, Erin Jones, Billy Smith and Jackson Wine.

“Brevard, and the people there, are truly the most genuine I have ever met,” Tull said.

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Source: Transylvania Times

Small Town, Big Mural

Nashville Arts Magazine Cover February 2014Brian Tull and his wife, Laura, recently completed this 20’ x 45’ mural on a historic building that was once the Brevard Lumber Company. Within walking distance of downtown Brevard, North Carolina, the long-vacant site is being transformed into an arts district, thanks to the efforts of investor Josh Leder, neighboring Haen Gallery, and the community.

It is the intent to preserve the lumberyard and the area where trains once picked up passengers and freight, and Brian wanted to tie together the historic function of the building and art. “My artwork is nostalgic, and I wanted to portray a hardworking industrial guy reflecting on his work.”

Tull is represented by Haen Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina, and Tinney Contemporary in Nashville. To see more of his work, visit and To learn more about the Brevard Lumber Yard Arts District, visit


Source: Nashville Arts Magazine

Creative Pursuit

Brevard Lumberyard - Creative Pursuitbrevard lumber yard - creative pursuitA former lumberyard in Brevard is reclaimed as a budding arts district

Brevard LumberYardOn the west edge of downtown, where trains once picked up passengers and freight, an old lumberyard is bringing new life—and art—to Brevard.

The long-vacant site, formerly home to Brevard Lumber Company, is being transformed into the Brevard Lumber Yard, a five-building arts complex. The renaissance began a year ago, and in that time, the spot has played host to art demonstrations, including an iron pour, a film fest, community fund-raisers, and music video shoots.

Developer Josh Leder and his partners have been working to turn the historic buildings and two-and-a-half acre property into a hub for all things artistic, complete with studios, galleries, an expansive performance space, and outdoor farmers and art markets. “Everyone is an artist here,” Leder says. “We want to take the best ingredients that Transylvania County has to offer and give them a place to come together.”

The Brevard Lumber Company opened in 1908, supplying millions of board feet that built homes and businesses in and around town. Once a center of commerce, it closed in the mid 2000s after big box retailers opened on busier boulevards. It and the rest of the Railroad Avenue area languished for years.

There wasn’t much to hint at the district’s heyday when Leder drove by the property last summer. But given his experience working on a similar arts complex in Florida, he saw loads of potential among the empty buildings. He was also well aware of the town’s reputation for supporting the arts, and noted that Brevard College’s Porter Center and Brevard Music Center are within walking distance. “You just knew this place had a heartbeat,” Leder says. He made the owners an offer.

As news spread, artists started to call, inquiring about staging exhibitions. Within a few months, The Haen Gallery opened in a  14,000-square-foot space and began showcasing sculpture and contemporary art.

Earlier this summer, work crews were retrofitting one building to house The LumberYard, a performing arts venue that will stage music and dance shows. Now open for special events, it adjoins an open-air courtyard where massive logs carved into sofas provide perches by a fire pit. Brevard and Blue Ridge Community colleges are slated to begin continuing education art classes in the district this month.

“It’s crazy that a town the size of Brevard should have as much art and as many artists as it does,” Leder says. “We want to make sure this is part of that community.”

Written By: Paul Clark | Photographs by: Kathryn Ray

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Shine on

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